Sunday, June 12, 2016


I am very sad for Orlando today. This is so sad and scary, I just have no words.

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Well..well..well..Guess what I did today?? I got up this morning at 7am..and went to work..Not really..I'm on vacation for 3 months, remember? I got up, made some coffee..and ordered 100 canvases!! I also ordered BIG jars of my favorite paint..and some new brushes..Then I decided I better straighten up the studio..and I DID go to work doing just that. I threw away about 300 paint brushes..This is a garbage can almost full of them...The sad thing is ..I kept about 300..REALLY?? Do I NEED 300 paint brushes?? Well..NO, I do not..but they seem to multiply like rabbits in my studio...But at least the ones I have are in great shape, and many are, I'm good to go for about 5 years (or more)..hahaha...

Then I decided to go through a huge tub of magic markers, colored pencils, charcoal and wax pencils...etc...Made sure each one of those actually worked...if they didn't..I threw them away..

THENNNN..I thought I better go through my paints..I divided them up into separate containers of colors..and I didn't NEED new paint..I needed to put them all together where I KNEW what I had...but..anyway...I love buying art no harm, no foul.'s time to binge watch some "West Wing" on Netflix, and catch up on all the pieces that I have to send out on to paint the edges and backs, and then Nature Boy can do his part, and box them up. Life is good..AND "Orange is The New Black" starts in about a week...and I cannot wait! Makes Life even better!!

Live Artfully!

Friday, June 10, 2016


OK..So today, this morning, I painted 3 dogs..(Top picture)...Then I changed the middle dog into a woman..and I ended up with a mediocre pile of CRAP (Middle Picture)...THEN..THEN...I fixed it ALL..and I may have ended up with my most favorite painting OF ALL TIME. It is PERFECTION..I love it! (I don't "love" most of my, if I "love"'s amazing!!..Not being egotistical or bragging..I promise!)

Well..I put it on Facebook..and it sold in under 30 minutes..Sigh..I was hoping no one would buy it. It would have been the ONE painting that I kept. It was FUN...and A LOT of hard work..(about 12 -13 hours of work..)..been painting and repainting ALL DAY LONG.

Andrea Baumann--The question of what is my style is not stupid..not at all..I wish that I had a definite answer for you, but I don't. Several people call it Suzanism...hahaha...One man said it was "Better than Folk Art, but not as good as Fine Art"..I just make art...and don't worry about labels, and styles, etc...Hope that answers your question...

Live Artfully!!


Good Afternoon--Well, yesterday was a complete bust..I crashed and burned..and did NOTHING all day..(Good thing for Nature Boy that I had dinner already cooked, and only had to heat it up..or he might have starved)..I couldn't get in gear to save my life..I kept ending up on the couch..going from napping, to watching "Lucifer" and "Empire" on HULU..I didn't even eat much yesterday..and by "much" , I mean I had about 5 ounces of pork roast with some Sriracha..and a piece of cheddar cheese..THAT's it...Anyway..I was just EXHAUSTED..I know I haven't been drinking enough water and I haven't taken my vitamins ..and with the way I eat, these are essential...So...Today, I'm back!! I slept in, and then got up and went to work!

I found this photo of 3 dogs on the internet, and decided to try to do them..I'm not happy with the middle one's face, so I will be changing it as soon as I figure out what is wrong with it. That is the bad thing about being "self taught", sometime you don't know what will "fix" things, and sometimes you don't realize how bad something looks...and you just go on like all happy slappy..and what you've painted looks like crap..I am so hard and critical on myself. I'm never happy with things...I think I might be happy if I could I could paint like Van Gogh or Picasso...hahahaha.

So..I'm going to cheat on my "challenges" today..Instead of one animal, I did three..that is one for yesterday, one for today, and one for tomorrow...hehehe. I have to do TWO people today, and TWO fruits or veggies. and TWO flowers...Shoot...This challenge thing is HARD!! haha

Anyway..better get to work...
Live Artfully, Make Original One of a KIND art!!

Thursday, June 9, 2016


Lordy, Lordy...Today has been a whirlwind in my painting world. I had a challenge..One fruit or veggie, One flower painting, One animal, One Person..I did the bell pepper that I showed you earlier, and the flowers with hydrangeas..which was I corrected it..It just needed a solid yellow background. Then I began a series painted from vintage mugshots that I found on Pinterest....Last night I did the painting of the girls, and that kept me up to almost 4am...So..I had done them all except an animal for today..I had made a background using an old stove eye (the circular ones)...and I just make a leaping bunny out of it. Not much of an animal "painting", but I really like it!! I wonder to myself, just how long I can keep up this pace?? I painted the veggie, the flowers, and the blue/gray man, and had to take a nap..hahaha..Painting just makes me exhausted, but in a total great when you go to the beach all day long, and you swim in the ocean..and you come home sunburnt and empty of any energy..THAT is how a day of painting makes me feel. I'm at peace with myself and the universe.

It is almost 2 am..and I just had another idea pop up, instead of sleep, I am going to paint some more. I guess I have about 4 months of painting to catch up on. Anyway..I'm off to paint Superman..and roses...just because I think it will be cool.

Live Artfully and Create Original Art!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


My morning flower painting today included hydrangeas..and truthfully, I suck sometimes..haha..On top of that..I cannot seem to take a decent picture these days..SO...Here it is..the bad and the good...I don't mind showing the bad stuff..It's how you eventually get to the good. I wasn't "feeling" flowers today, but I have this new thing I am trying..Every day challenge for myself (and we ALL know how long those last--usually 2 days, and I am done ...) challenge is this ---One flower painting, One fruit or vegetable painting (today it's Bell Peppers), One animal painting (I'm thinking an otter today), and at least One people painting...We'll see how that goes...I am just happy that the paint brush is being put to some hard use, and I am just painting away.

Got 3 shows set for fall..waiting on hearing from FOUR more..(Cross your fingers!!). I'll be at BOOM DAYS in Ft. Payne (same day as Monte Sano, which I did not apply to--boycotting Huntsville AGAIN.) That is on Saturday, Sept. 17th, and I think it's my first show of the season. Then, I got accepted to BLUFF PARK ART SHOW in Birmingham, AL, and that is on OCT.1st (another one day show, but one of the BEST!!) I love Bluff Park because they have these rules that no other show has, and you cannot show or sell reproductions, or multiples. It keeps those artist that rely on painting the same thing over and over and over, OUT...and then Kentuck..which is the 3rd weekend in October, I believe...But, at least I have those 3, and will hope for the best for the others!! Wish me luck!!

Well..I took a break from typing this and in that time, I drew a fruit or vegetable out of a bowl. Today was a BELL PEPPER. So..I set my timer (I give myself 30 minutes)..and set out to paint a bell pepper..(backgrounds are done previously).

Well..I wanted to post the bell pepper HERE..but obviously Blogger does not want to cooperate with me, so..It is above. I needed to add some dark blue shading to it, (which I did)..and now onto my next daily challenge..A person. Today I will be trying to paint a person from a VINTAGE MUGSHOT.



 Good Morning...or Good Evening, since I haven't went to bed yet, and am still up 1:00 am...It's been a long day...Need to paint more before I sleep!

Live Artfully!!

Monday, June 6, 2016


I've randomly painted 2 new pieces today. The little dog is 8 x 10, and he sold within 10 minutes of putting him on Facebook...The woman is still wet, and she was a very fast painting done on canvas..measuring 16 x 20. She has meaning behind's about walking away from organized religion (NOT GOD)..just the church. I don't know yet if I like her or not..

Thank you Giggles!! Those comments were wonderful! I'm so happy that you love my work!! HUGS!!

Live Artfully!!

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Whew..That is ME letting out a long sigh of relief. I'm back and I'm back full force with a vengeance!! Not a bad vengeance..just Happy to be back to painting ..I am Happy to love it again, to have new ideas..(in bulk!!), and to be working towards fall shows..I think if I get in all of them, I will have SEVEN shows total..I need a lot of work for that many shows.

So..Starting with the large white poodle (which is never going to sell, because the poodle is bigger than life size..hahaha..but, I like it)..and ending with this one, I've painted 23 paintings this week. I sold a total of 8 or 9, but some of those were not of the 23, so I am AHEAD. My goal is 200 original one of a kind paintings by Sept. 1st...I think I have about 40 or far..I'm excited!! In July, I plan on only painting faces...ALL MONTH LONG..that should be fun, and maybe I'll push myself out of my comfort zone...I still have not went back to the "style" that I am switching over to..I keep meaning to do it..but so has not happened. It will though!! I hope I can keep up this rate for THREE MONTHS!! Good Lord Willing.

Thank you Lamar Jefferies for visiting, and for leaving a comment for my HAPPY GOAT...I REALLY love that goat, and hope to see you at Bluff Park this year!! I'll have many, many new paintings by then! Hope you are doing well!!

Live Artfully!!

So...It's after midnight, and I just finished ANOTHER one..that makes 24....This one is large..approx. 24 x 30.


I have tried and tried over the years to paint a goat that LOOKS like a goat..I've finally managed to do it...I'm SO HAPPY about it.!

Live Artfully!

Saturday, June 4, 2016


I've lost my mind..I am posting on here as fast as I am painting these paintings. Since Oct., I have not felt the need or want to paint ANYTHING..have said over and over and over that I am giving it all up...I go to Blue Ridge, GA, and come home..and I am a different person.I THINK I am painting better than I ever have...still on the "whimsical" side, but more realistic than previously. I FEEL different on the's like a flood gate has opened, and I can draw BETTER...What is in the water in Blue Ridge??? hahaha. I have paintings drawn out, ready to paint, and I mean a STACK of them. This is a few that are in line to be painted (BELOW).....

When I get like this gets crazy..I've sold a lot of what I have painted this week. The more I paint, the more that people buy...I guess that is normal..but I am grateful for the attention, and the money!!!

Thank the Good Lord Above, and Live Artfully!!


Painted this this painting like a crazy person..BUT, I think I am painting much better...Having a great day so far..A little sad about Muhammed Ali, but on the good side..I sold Billy "Bad to the Bone" Bunny, and the round piece of the woman with 3 YAY!! The same lady that bought the HARAMBE gorilla painting got those 2 too!! All is perfect in my art world....

Live Artfully!!


Painted these this morning in honor of Muhammad Ali.
©Suzan Buckner 2016



Thursday, June 2, 2016



My hometown is Pensacola, FL, the home base of the BLUE ANGELS. Today they lost one of the best of the best. His family is in my thoughts and prayers.

painting is 12 x 24 ©suzanbuckner 2016


ANOTHER BUNNY...I forgot his whiskers, but will add them later...LOVING this new "style"!! LOVING wanting to do art again!! Life is FANTASTIC!!

Live Artfully!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Man..I am on fire these past two days..I guess I am back to normal...painting like a person gone crazy. The first painting is a finished fish, I saw on Pinterest this thing about using a toilet paper roll to make circles...and was playing around...I have done it before, but it slipped my mind..I also have used those round curly stove burner eyes...Those are cool too...!!

The second painting is of a vintage playground bouncy toy..Remember them?? They had the large coil that they sat on, and you got on them, and rocked...I'm doing a series of these..and I am calling it "SPRUNG". By series, I mean several of the same theme, there will still only be ONE of each kind, since I am not the kind of person that does one picture over and over. I'm too filled with ideas to be doing the same thing over and over. That is for lazy people...or people that are really not that creative. BE DIFFERENT...make ONE of a KINDS!! It's ART, NOT PRODUCTION crap!!

To "Giggles"..Thank you for the lovely comment!! It made my day!!

Live Artfully!!


YAY!! I'm freeeee...I'm freeeeeeee....No more shows until the Fall Season begins in Sept. I am so excited..I am painting once again, and plan on catching up on commissions, and then painting to my heart's content. Some new stuff is coming!! I'm excited about how my last 2 paintings (the gorilla, and the badass bunny) came out. I have a plan..and will be doing some very different things, hopefully!!

Live Artfully!!