Sunday, June 3, 2018


Good Happy Afternoon..WOW! It's JUNE already! I cannot believe how the time of 2018 has flown by so fast. But, now I must start painting if I am going to have enough work for shows in the fall. I have probably already said that numerous times, but I am actually doing it now. I have a few in the works..I've taken my 20 x 24 inch size, and randomly drawn out what I hope to paint on them, sometimes they become something else..sometimes I mess them up, but I have ideas..and they are springing forth. I started with flowers because I have been practicing leaves..and I have to say, that I love the way these turned out.

I have been watching 3 movies over and over..because this makes my mind calm down, and allows me the ability to paint. I like it playing in the background..I used to watch the Gilmore Girls over and over and over, but I had to let Netflix go for a few months (because I wanted other things on other streaming services)..but, I bought these 3 movies on YouTube, which is working out fine. The movies have ALL the deleted scenes, with is cool because you end up with this really long movie. Anyway..the movie is "50 SHADES OF GREY"...hahaha..It is not as "bad" as I expected, and if you watch all 3 movies, it's actually a love story (Spoiler--they get married, and have kids at the end of the 3rd movie.) It is just a love story with a kinky twist. But anyway..don't judge..It's either that or Tyler Perry's "Madea" movies..and I've seen ALL of those many, many times.

The other thing that I am weight loss. For 5 years, I did not gain a pound..I lost and I lost..and the stress (POLITICS) of this past year, combined with my love of Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream, and anything chocolate has made me gain about 20 pounds. I do not want to go back to being the fat cow that I was. So, even though 20 pounds is A's not the "end of the world" weight gain..clothes are only a tiny bit tighter, but they still fit. BUT..if I do not get a grip on it NOW, I will be now, I am on a 3 day fast..drinking water, water , and more water. I actually feel better this way. I could eat sweets day after day, but I honestly do not care for food..and since I cannot eat sweets/ seems kinda pointless..haha.

Ok..back to painting...

Live Artfully!!

Monday, May 28, 2018


I have went so long without painting, that I feel like I am starting over. It is politics..I get up in the morning (or more realistically, mid-afternoon), and I get on Twitter, and 12 hours later..I'm still on there discussing the political situation. I hate the state that this country is in..I hate the orange blob in the Oval office. In fact..if you are reading this, and you support him..just go away..I don't want you looking at my art..I want nothing to do with you. I am that serious about this. I have never been political before, and this has nothing to do with Dems and Reps..but, it has to do with the moral depravity of the current admin. Anyway..if you support that bloated orange buffoon, you pretty much are morally illiterate, and need to get lost. I've ended any friendship (some that I have had for 25-40+ years) over them supporting that monster..It has literally driven me crazy..but anyway..this is about ART..not politics, and so I will go no further..was simply explaining why I no longer paint,

But..It is time to paint. I have shows this fall that I have to have work for. I have to, or I am going to not be prepared. Last year, I started painting in June, and painted 170 paintings before the shows started. This year, I have about 250 canvases purchased, and I have to get busy. I am going to try and blog every few days..Like I used to..

Live Artfully!