Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Wow..It has been a hundred years since I actually did an art journal page..and let me tell you--IT WAS HARD!! This pile of hot mess, has no less than 8-10 layers on it..and I still don't like it. Fortunately though...I don't have to like it..and can put another 40 layers on it if I want to. I was going to write a long, drawn out thing on things I had to say..but, I got bored and tired..and I really don't have anything IMPORTANT to say..so, I just moved on.

I chose a 1960 yearbook to do this in..It's large and the paper is thick and sturdy..I thought the faces throughout would make for some interesting pages later on..But this is my first page in a few years, and I couldn't figure it out..haha..Anyway..back to painting..you know..the money making kind of art...

Live Artfully!

Sunday, July 19, 2015


Sitting here looking at the fish that I am painting..contemplating doing a NOAH's ARK series of animals..and the ARK..Wanting to draw it out, and get started on it..but, am in the middle of these HUGE fish..That is my problem..I am working on one thing, thinking of another. I just cooked up our food for the next few days..A couple of pot roast, baked chickens, pork chops, potatoes, brocolli..etc..So..I'm all in for nothing but painting for a few days.

Last year, I bought 30 or 35 canvases..in the size of 36 x 36..I'm currently working on knocking those out. I had I think, 19 at the beginning of this season..I'm down to having 9 left. Working furiously to get those finished!!

I did something smart (or stupid, depending on how you look at it) this year. I doubled applied for shows..thinking that I would most likely get rejected by one or two. This has been a crazy year in that department..I've not yet been rejected ..NOT ONCE. Life is so full of things to be GRATEFUL for!!

Nature Boy and I are enjoying our summer off. I feel sorry for anyone that has to go out in this heat and work for a living. It has been TOO HOT here. I'm looking forward to fall..(aren't we all??)..Well..that is it..my life is pretty boring except for painting..and painting...and painting...

Live Artfully!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Monday, June 22, 2015


Good Wonderful Morning!! It's a beautiful day!! I am bursting at the seams with energy and excitement..(Remember..it takes very little to amuse me..hahaha). As you all know..I have changed my eating lifestyle, and gave up bread a while ago..(about 3 years ago)..Since Jan. 2015, I have not had a single piece of bread..or anything that resembles bread.

The other night, I found a recipe for flatbread..(I guess that is like cornbread--which I hate..bleechhhh). I made it..and it tasted like I had licked the bottom of a camel's foot after he had stepped in poop....It was HORRIBLE..I threw the entire pan of the stuff in the garbage...I was defeated...I have never baked anything..I know nothing about baking..so..I just wrote it off...Until last night..I found a recipe for breakfast buns..and thought..ok..I will try one more time.

So..I preheated my oven..and did not have all the ingredients..and so I had to substitute things for things...it called for psyllium husk (Think Metamucil)...and I didn't have any of that, so I used hemp hearts..and it called for sour cream..didn't have that so I melted some butter, and stirred in Cafe Latte Yogurt..and used that..(Yes, coffee flavored yogurt!!).. Mixed everything together..and stuck it in the oven. Well..IMAGINE my surprise when 22 minutes later..I had a VERY excellent bread-like substance. I smeared butter on it, and it was DELICIOUS!! I feel like a world class chef now..haha..SO HAPPY that I actually baked something and it was edible!!

Live Artfully.

Saturday, June 20, 2015


WOW!! What a day! This painting took forever, but I am very happy with the results!! I'm always so happy when I finish something, especially something large..and I always need a nap afterwards..LOL..We are just sitting around here today, working..and piddling..and piddling and working..There are about 20 buzzards circling outside, and I am running back and forth from painting to watching them. There has to be a dead animal over where they are..I've never seen so many at one time.Fascinating birds!!

Yesterday, I cooked all day..I cooked chicken, potatoes, beans, pork steaks, beef liver, veggies and bread (which I threw away because it was DISGUSTING..LOL)..I'm good to go on the food front for the rest of the week..giving me more than plenty time to PAINT..

Not much else is going on..I'm painting..Nature Boy is photographing nature, and building us some raised garden boxes for an early fall crop of goodies...Can't wait for that!!

Life will be kind of boring until Sept., when I go back to doing shows...that is ok..I plan on working my tail off (literally) until then! Live Artfully!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


I hope that everyone is having a wonderful summer!! I love June, July and August..mainly because I have time off from art shows to paint, and do what I want to do!!

This past weekend, my best friend and I headed over to Cave Springs, GA for their craft show. I found some wood chairs that I wanted and a very large Easter Island face made out of concrete..other than that..it was a waste of money and time. I didn't see any good art there..and that saddened me..we did not stay long..walked fast around it and got out of  there. Luckily, we had a better time driving over there and home again, than at the show. It was also 94 degrees..whew...There was no breeze ..and Lord..it was HOT. They also charged $5 per person to get in...which for a large show with good art is no problem, but for a low end craft show..it was a bit much...Anyway..it was fun hanging out with my friend...and we did stop at a few junk stores..so, that was entertaining..

Nothing much else on the home front...I'm still losing weight, about 10-12 pounds a month..feeling fantastic, and working my tail off painting. I'm not showing my work as much online because I'm just too caught up in the making to worry about the showing.

Have a great summer!! Live Artfully!!

Monday, May 11, 2015


Well, we did the Gumtree Festival in Tupelo, MS this weekend..and Tupelo did not disappoint me!! First of all..I came home almost SIX pounds thinner!! WOOHOOOOOO!! I know that it will take about 2 weeks for it to actually SHOW up as weight loss, but that is how the human body works. I walked so much!

Ok..It was HOT this weekend. I'm talking about 90-95 degrees hot..I wore black clothing both days (Granted, not the smartest thing to do), BUT..It did not bother me...AT ALL. I did not get tired, I did not SWEAT, I've lost almost 60 pounds, and WHAT A HUGE DIFFERENCE that makes. I was even able to help Nature Boy take the tent and work down without any discomfort!!! AMAZING DIFFERENCES!!

Anyway..back to the show. This is the FIRST time that I have went to a show, and prayed that I DID NOT SELL anything. After the almost sell out show in Troy, AL...and painting like crazy for two weeks...AND having another show in a week..I really wish that I had not sold anything..BUT, that was not the case...We started with 8 grid walls, and my normal 7 grey Pro-panel walls...and on Sunday morning, I had sold enough art to completely remove the grid walls, and have Nature Boy put them in the van...So, I think I sold way more than I was comfortable with losing, and must start in about an hour, and paint like a crazy person..

I am counting the money that I make differently this year..I am not saying I made XXX amount..I am taking the amount of money in my pocket when we leave the house, and at the end of the shows..I am taking that same amount out of the money before I count what we made. If I leave the house with $500, and then pay cash for our hotel room (-$200 plus)..and gas for the trip, and food for the road..etc..then saying to myself  "OH..I made XXX amount of money..then it doesn't give you a true amount of PROFIT....So..You must subtract expenses first..THEN count the money made. How much I make isn't important, only PROFIT is..I also am substracting the show cost off of that. This way..If I do not make close to a thousand in PROFIT, then I will know not to do the show again..

All in all..Gumtree was as good as ever..My only complaint was the heat..the rest of the show was great!! Thank you Tupelo and Gumtree for ANOTHER GREAT YEAR!! See you in 2016!!

Live Artfully!!

Thursday, May 7, 2015


We will be at the Gumtree Festival in Tupelo, MS this weekend!! Come out and see us!!

Monday, April 27, 2015


WOW!! What a weekend!! We arrived in Troy on Friday night, reunited with friends, and set up our tent..Set up was pretty uneventful..just nice and leisurely..Went to the hotel..which was a little ways down the road, because I forgot to make hotel reservations until 2 days before the art show! Turned out to be a blessing because it was FANTASTIC..the people at the hotel were AWESOME!! You can just rarely go wrong with Hampton Inns!! Anyway...

Saturday morning we hung our art..and waited for the show to start..and the BOTTOM FELL OUT..Goodness..It was a huge downpour..our tent got about a foot of water in it..the city workers had to come out (in the rain), and unclogged the drainage thingie..but, the rain left..the booth floor dried out, and all was right in our world!!

We went on to have a STELLAR show..Troyfest is truly one of my FAVORITE shows to do each year. The artist are simply treated like ROYALTY...There is so much friendliness, and love in this show. The people that put it on are the BEST!! It was a fantastic Saturday..and after the rain..it went very well..until almost the end, when ANOTHER HUGE thunderstorm got us..and this one threw us for a loop..Several tents were damaged..and the Troyfest staff worked hard out in the storm to help the artist. Chuck and I zipped up our tent, and at one point, I was holding the center and hanging onto the bars over my head so that it would not blow away..We were lucky..we had 2 pieces damaged..and they are repairable..but, it was bad..We finally made it out of the tent, and to our van. After that..I went back and got one of my friends...she had been in her tent through the whole storm..and we made it to the Awards dinner.

The Awards dinner was pork and chicken barbeque! It was delicious!! They had all kinds of good food..I only ate the meat..and stayed on my diet plan..so, I was happy!! Then the awards were announced! I won the prestigious JEAN LAKE FOLK ART AWARD, which came with $500!! What an amazing BLESSING!! I feel so unworthy..but, LOVED winning it!!

We went back to the hotel after the show..got a great night's rest, and went back to Troyfest on Sunday. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!! Sunny, bright, hot..and I LOVED it. It was never TOO hot..it was perfect!!

I came as close as I have ever come to having a SOLD out show..I had about 10 paintings left at the end of Troyfest!! Just a bunch of amazing people!!

My uncle came from Pensacola, FL to see us..That was a joy!! He is recently retired..and he was so happy, relaxed..and such a part of my inner heart. I love that he came!!

We went home on Sunday after a lot of hugs. Generally, I saw a lot of wonderful friends and family, had a great show (despite the rain), and won an award, stayed on my diet..lost 5 more pounds...ALL IN ALL...A PERFECT WEEKEND.

Our next stop is the GUMTREE FESTIVAL in TUPELO, MS!! I must work like I have never worked before..having 10 paintings is NOT near enough!!

Live Artfully!!

Monday, March 30, 2015


Hello!! This weekend, I was at a small show in Prattville, AL...and even though it was cold most of the day, it was a fun time (after we FINALLY got a hotel that would cooperate with me)...We met a lot of nice people..made a bit of $$$, sold some art, and won 1st place in 2D!! Thank you Prattville..You were wonderful 4 years ago, and you were wonderful this year!! My aunt came from Montgomery, AL, and surprised me by bringing my aunt all the way from Pensacola, FL. They came bearing gifts..an uncle sent me a TON of canvases!! In all shapes and sizes!! Now if I could just get him to buy me a thousand dollars worth of paint..hahaha. Anyway..other than it being chilly all day..it turned out to be a good little show. I met a couple of people that I have known from online..that was cool! Next on the agenda is Alpharetta Streetfest in Alpharetta, GA.

Live Artfully!