Friday, January 17, 2014


Have you ever had to write on a chalkboard that you would not do something? I remember once--a teacher drew a circle on the chalkboard, and told me to put my nose in the circle. I told her "NO". I was sent to the principles office, and my grandfather was called. I didn't get in trouble, because my grandfather stood up for me. hahahha. I was such a bad child..spoiled, and pretty much did what I wanted...and imagine that I am still spoiled, and I STILL do pretty much what I want to...hahah. Only now, it's my sweet husband that spoils me, and not my grandfather.

I have been painting. I am no longer showing ALL of my paintings..but, I will post one or two a week. When shows start, and they start selling, I will post them..but, I've been painting like crazy, and I post the pictures to Facebook, and they immediately sell..and I'm grateful, and I'm blessed, but I HAVE to get up inventory for shows...that is just the simple fact of the matter!

I won $12 on the Georgia Lottery Powerball this week!! I was so happy!! YES, I would have loved to win millions, but I will be happy that I won more than I spent! If I won millions--there are so many people ( I have a list already written up), that I would give money to, and help.

Well..that's about all..I am boring this week. Live Artfully!!

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Ophelia said...

Congrats on your big win!!!!! I think its great that you won more than you spent...that is always a treat!!! I LOVE your artwork!