Monday, May 30, 2016


WOW..I did one day of the Blue Ridge Art in the Park arts and crafts show this weekend. First, I always think of the movie "Deliverance" when I go up to Blue Ridge, Georgia...I expect to hear banjos every time I turn a corner. Great things that happened this weekend..several commission jobs, a little money, and I came back with what I have been wanting to figure out...a way to unify and change my art, and develop a more cohesive style..and I did figure that out. I started a painting tonight, and had every intention of doing it in the full new style, and I looked up after putting down the base coat, and saw this poodle. It was perfectly visible..and I just sketched around the area..Everything was exactly like I "saw" it..and so I just went with it..and this is the 24 x 36 end result. I am very proud of it. I borrowed the color scheme from an excellent artist that was across from me..She had this painting of these dancing dogs, and I fell in love with the colors she used!! Other great things..We stayed at a one level hotel called "DOUGLAS INNS AND SUITES"..and it was crazy CLEAN. One of the nicest hotels that I have ever stayed in, and I normally only stay in Hampton Inns, so that is saying A LOT. It was really clean and nice, though very modest. The biggest, and greatest thing of yesterday was "The Enemy" was NOT there...I know she normally does this show, but she was not there...Don't know why..and don't care..But, I did not have to see her face at ALL...I was Happy Dancing all day. I am guessing that they put her on the grass instead of the spot that she wanted, because the only empty spot that was there was one booth over from mine, or maybe she got rejected..who knows. all started out wonderfully, and we got set up (parked directly behind our booth)..and then went to the hotel. Saturday morning we got to our booth..and my neighbor to the right of me were talking, and I guess the nasty neighbor on the other side heard me say something that he didn't like, because he ended up verbally attacking me over politics..(He was one of those crazy people from Mississippi..obviously)...I quickly squelched that little bitter conversation though, and luckily he did I as demanded and shut the hell longer speaking to me AT ALL...(YAY!!)..The rest of Saturday was pretty normal..Sold some art..gave some away..talked to a lot of people, went around and bought some jewelry, etc...etc...) Then Saturday night, Nature Boy (my sweet husband) started getting ill, and I went to the store to get him some things, and when I got back to the hotel, he wanted to go to the Emergency Room...which kinda freaked me out. I got directions, and took him there...found a police officer parked on the side of the road (Fannin County Sheriff), and told him I needed to get my husband to the hospital. He says to me "Ma'am, before I help you, can you put your seat belt on?"..Because THAT is the most important thing when someone has a sick person holding their chest sitting next you. THEN, He gives me DIRECTIONS....HELLOOOOOOOOO..You are SITTING on the side of the road, YOU are NOT busy...why aren't you leading me to the hospital. I wanted to tell him to get off his lazy, fat, white "good old boy" ass, and DO HIS JOB. But, I didn't..I needed to get Nature Boy to the hospital...So, shame on you, Mr. Policeman..Shame on you. I finally found the hospital, and got Chuck inside...KUDOS to the wonderful nurses, doctor and staff of FANNIN COUNTY HOSPITAL. They were AWESOME!! They went above and beyond to make us comfortable...efficient..NICE ..and made the experience very smooth!! THANK YOU FANNIN COUNTY HOSPITAL!!

Anyway..Mr. Chuck turned out to be dehydrated, and everything else was great..and we finally got back to the hotel around 11:30 pm..We got to the show on Sunday around 6am, and Chuck went back to sleep in the front seat...I thought about him being out in the heat all day AGAIN, and made the decision to go ahead and go home...I figured it would be easier to pack up before it got, we ended up coming home...That was a good thing..because we were just plain exhausted...Luckily we covered our expenses, and made a few hundred..and all is good. I am thankful to the Good Lord that my husband is alright, and we made it home safely.

Live Artfully!

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