Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Man..I am on fire these past two days..I guess I am back to normal...painting like a person gone crazy. The first painting is a finished fish, I saw on Pinterest this thing about using a toilet paper roll to make circles...and was playing around...I have done it before, but it slipped my mind..I also have used those round curly stove burner eyes...Those are cool too...!!

The second painting is of a vintage playground bouncy toy..Remember them?? They had the large coil that they sat on, and you got on them, and rocked...I'm doing a series of these..and I am calling it "SPRUNG". By series, I mean several of the same theme, there will still only be ONE of each kind, since I am not the kind of person that does one picture over and over. I'm too filled with ideas to be doing the same thing over and over. That is for lazy people...or people that are really not that creative. BE DIFFERENT...make ONE of a KINDS!! It's ART, NOT PRODUCTION crap!!

To "Giggles"..Thank you for the lovely comment!! It made my day!!

Live Artfully!!

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Giggles said...

Oh beautiful work...only sorry I haven't commented more often for all the years I have followed you!! I have loved your work for a long long time now!! Thanks for sharing! It has been fun seeing all your new work pop up in my feed!!

Hugs Giggles