Saturday, June 4, 2016


I've lost my mind..I am posting on here as fast as I am painting these paintings. Since Oct., I have not felt the need or want to paint ANYTHING..have said over and over and over that I am giving it all up...I go to Blue Ridge, GA, and come home..and I am a different person.I THINK I am painting better than I ever have...still on the "whimsical" side, but more realistic than previously. I FEEL different on the's like a flood gate has opened, and I can draw BETTER...What is in the water in Blue Ridge??? hahaha. I have paintings drawn out, ready to paint, and I mean a STACK of them. This is a few that are in line to be painted (BELOW).....

When I get like this gets crazy..I've sold a lot of what I have painted this week. The more I paint, the more that people buy...I guess that is normal..but I am grateful for the attention, and the money!!!

Thank the Good Lord Above, and Live Artfully!!

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