Sunday, June 5, 2016


Whew..That is ME letting out a long sigh of relief. I'm back and I'm back full force with a vengeance!! Not a bad vengeance..just Happy to be back to painting ..I am Happy to love it again, to have new ideas..(in bulk!!), and to be working towards fall shows..I think if I get in all of them, I will have SEVEN shows total..I need a lot of work for that many shows.

So..Starting with the large white poodle (which is never going to sell, because the poodle is bigger than life size..hahaha..but, I like it)..and ending with this one, I've painted 23 paintings this week. I sold a total of 8 or 9, but some of those were not of the 23, so I am AHEAD. My goal is 200 original one of a kind paintings by Sept. 1st...I think I have about 40 or far..I'm excited!! In July, I plan on only painting faces...ALL MONTH LONG..that should be fun, and maybe I'll push myself out of my comfort zone...I still have not went back to the "style" that I am switching over to..I keep meaning to do it..but so has not happened. It will though!! I hope I can keep up this rate for THREE MONTHS!! Good Lord Willing.

Thank you Lamar Jefferies for visiting, and for leaving a comment for my HAPPY GOAT...I REALLY love that goat, and hope to see you at Bluff Park this year!! I'll have many, many new paintings by then! Hope you are doing well!!

Live Artfully!!

So...It's after midnight, and I just finished ANOTHER one..that makes 24....This one is large..approx. 24 x 30.

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Giggles said...

So happy to see your mojo has returned!! You are as amazing as ever! I can't even tell you how thrilled I am to see all your different characters!!

Hugs Giggles