Saturday, June 11, 2016


Well..well..well..Guess what I did today?? I got up this morning at 7am..and went to work..Not really..I'm on vacation for 3 months, remember? I got up, made some coffee..and ordered 100 canvases!! I also ordered BIG jars of my favorite paint..and some new brushes..Then I decided I better straighten up the studio..and I DID go to work doing just that. I threw away about 300 paint brushes..This is a garbage can almost full of them...The sad thing is ..I kept about 300..REALLY?? Do I NEED 300 paint brushes?? Well..NO, I do not..but they seem to multiply like rabbits in my studio...But at least the ones I have are in great shape, and many are, I'm good to go for about 5 years (or more)..hahaha...

Then I decided to go through a huge tub of magic markers, colored pencils, charcoal and wax pencils...etc...Made sure each one of those actually worked...if they didn't..I threw them away..

THENNNN..I thought I better go through my paints..I divided them up into separate containers of colors..and I didn't NEED new paint..I needed to put them all together where I KNEW what I had...but..anyway...I love buying art no harm, no foul.'s time to binge watch some "West Wing" on Netflix, and catch up on all the pieces that I have to send out on to paint the edges and backs, and then Nature Boy can do his part, and box them up. Life is good..AND "Orange is The New Black" starts in about a week...and I cannot wait! Makes Life even better!!

Live Artfully!

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