Wednesday, June 8, 2016


My morning flower painting today included hydrangeas..and truthfully, I suck sometimes..haha..On top of that..I cannot seem to take a decent picture these days..SO...Here it is..the bad and the good...I don't mind showing the bad stuff..It's how you eventually get to the good. I wasn't "feeling" flowers today, but I have this new thing I am trying..Every day challenge for myself (and we ALL know how long those last--usually 2 days, and I am done ...) challenge is this ---One flower painting, One fruit or vegetable painting (today it's Bell Peppers), One animal painting (I'm thinking an otter today), and at least One people painting...We'll see how that goes...I am just happy that the paint brush is being put to some hard use, and I am just painting away.

Got 3 shows set for fall..waiting on hearing from FOUR more..(Cross your fingers!!). I'll be at BOOM DAYS in Ft. Payne (same day as Monte Sano, which I did not apply to--boycotting Huntsville AGAIN.) That is on Saturday, Sept. 17th, and I think it's my first show of the season. Then, I got accepted to BLUFF PARK ART SHOW in Birmingham, AL, and that is on OCT.1st (another one day show, but one of the BEST!!) I love Bluff Park because they have these rules that no other show has, and you cannot show or sell reproductions, or multiples. It keeps those artist that rely on painting the same thing over and over and over, OUT...and then Kentuck..which is the 3rd weekend in October, I believe...But, at least I have those 3, and will hope for the best for the others!! Wish me luck!!

Well..I took a break from typing this and in that time, I drew a fruit or vegetable out of a bowl. Today was a BELL PEPPER. So..I set my timer (I give myself 30 minutes)..and set out to paint a bell pepper..(backgrounds are done previously).

Well..I wanted to post the bell pepper HERE..but obviously Blogger does not want to cooperate with me, so..It is above. I needed to add some dark blue shading to it, (which I did)..and now onto my next daily challenge..A person. Today I will be trying to paint a person from a VINTAGE MUGSHOT.


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