Thursday, June 9, 2016


Lordy, Lordy...Today has been a whirlwind in my painting world. I had a challenge..One fruit or veggie, One flower painting, One animal, One Person..I did the bell pepper that I showed you earlier, and the flowers with hydrangeas..which was I corrected it..It just needed a solid yellow background. Then I began a series painted from vintage mugshots that I found on Pinterest....Last night I did the painting of the girls, and that kept me up to almost 4am...So..I had done them all except an animal for today..I had made a background using an old stove eye (the circular ones)...and I just make a leaping bunny out of it. Not much of an animal "painting", but I really like it!! I wonder to myself, just how long I can keep up this pace?? I painted the veggie, the flowers, and the blue/gray man, and had to take a nap..hahaha..Painting just makes me exhausted, but in a total great when you go to the beach all day long, and you swim in the ocean..and you come home sunburnt and empty of any energy..THAT is how a day of painting makes me feel. I'm at peace with myself and the universe.

It is almost 2 am..and I just had another idea pop up, instead of sleep, I am going to paint some more. I guess I have about 4 months of painting to catch up on. Anyway..I'm off to paint Superman..and roses...just because I think it will be cool.

Live Artfully and Create Original Art!!

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