Wednesday, October 26, 2016


GOOD MORNING!! have closed my website, and re-opened my blog! The website is not profitable, and it's basically a waste of my time and energy. So, here I am again! I have missed blogging, even if no one reads it, or gives a shit about it. I have missed just randomly "talking" about things, about art, and about life.

The art show season is almost over for me--I have one more show, and then I will be done until 2017. I don't even know if I want to do shows anymore. Right now, at this moment, I just want to reclaim my love for creating art...with no worries as to where that will take me, or what I will do with it.

So..that's it for now. I will be back soon if I do not completely lose my mind before the election on Nov. 8th! I'M WITH HER..just in case any of you care....hehehehe.

Live Artfully!

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